Unexpected Signs of Hearing Loss: Dizziness & Ringing in the Ears

Sometimes hearing loss is not so obvious and the first signs are other strange symptoms such as ringing in the ears or balance issues.

Is there a cure for the ringing in my ears?

Relentless ringing, clicking or buzzing in the ears can be a sign of tinnitus. While there’s no known cure for tinnitus, there are several ways to manage it. Finding relief from ringing in your ears starts with determining the cause.

Sometimes tinnitus is caused by something simple such as impacted earwax, congestion or allergies. Ringing in your ears can also be a sign of elevated blood pressure, hearing loss or more serious conditions. Regardless of the cause, there’s no reason to live with the annoying ringing. A simple hearing test and evaluation can often uncover the cause and lead to effective treatment.

Feeling dizzy? When to worry about vertigo and balance issues

Your inner ear has a pretty sophisticated system of organs and structures that help you maintain your balance. The inner ear can sense changes in the position of your head or body through the movement of fluid within the ear.

Balance issues can be caused by common colds, medicines, infections, head injuries, low blood sugar, changes in blood pressure, or really anything that affects the ear.

Get evaluated if your vertigo doesn’t go away

Is the room spinning? Do you feel like you’re floating or a little dizzy even when you’re not moving? Vertigo, a strong sensation of dizziness or unsteadiness, is common in people who suffer from hearing loss. While occasional episodes of dizziness are probably not a cause for concern, if the dizziness is prolonged or causes you to be sick or fall, you should come in and see a hearing specialist. Everyone feels dizzy sometimes, but nausea, panicky feelings or heart palpitations are a sign you should be evaluated.


Why Wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

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